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Founded in 1995, Southampton Homes is a builder of custom homes, speculative homes and town homes in Houston's most prestigious redeveloping neighborhoods.

The company's founders take personal interest in each home constructed and are directly involved in the selection of every detail and home accent — from fixtures and exposed beams to landscaping and stone entryways.

As a result, Southampton Homes has earned a reputation for creating some of Houston's most unique and one-of-a- kind homes. 

Whether a home requires an authentic, four-coat stucco exterior or specially commissioned ornamental cast-iron gating, Southampton Homes provides uniformly high standards of craftsmanship and employs skilled artisans to ensure a lasting, quality product.

It is the goal of Southampton Homes to build beautiful custom homes today that will be historic neighborhood landmarks a century from now.

For Southampton Homes, commitment to quality means quality building using quality materials. That's why the company goes the extra mile to find choice materials for each and every home.

In addition to using genuine stucco and stone for home exteriors, Southampton Homes seeks out rare and authentic accents, such as reclaimed 18th-century roof tiles from south of France and a 17th-century Italian fountain, to add distinction and value to its custom projects. And when it comes to interiors, granite and slate countertops, marble floors and naturally distressed wooden beams endow each home with its own unique character and mood.

As a builder active in Houston's inner-loop neighborhoods, Southampton Homes understands the value of a healthy tree canopy. Trees not only increase the appraised value of a property, they also add to the overall quality of life for the entire community.

Before embarking on any homebuilding project, Southampton Homes conducts a thorough environmental assessment of the site. Homes are designed in harmony with the properties' natural landscapes, and special accommodations are put in place to provide for future tree growth.

For Southampton Homes, a commitment to the environment is a commitment to the community, and a commitment to the future.

It is the belief of Southampton Homes that homebuilders have a responsibility to actively take part in the communities they build in. That's why community involvement is a priority for Southampton Homes.

The company is the business sponsor for a junior baseball team and softball team in West University Little League. In addition, Southampton Homes donates trees, flowers and shrubbery to the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, contributing to the beautification of what will be one of Houston's most scenic waterways. Southampton Homes is also a supporter of Trees for Houston and sponsors the organizations annual Celebration of Trees gala.

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